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Time for a revolution! Do you want to learn master hairdressing techniques? Long-time educator and world champion, Marlena Mańko, will give you her knowledge, experience and tricks. All this in a very convenient form and available immediately. Explore the world of advanced hairdressing available on a daily basis. Join the community of MASTERS! 


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Are you looking for inspiration? If so, this place is made for you. We are the KEDU – online hairdressing academy. Our goal is to provide knowledge about hairdressing in a flexible and convenient form, and at the same time at the highest professional level. The author of the project is Marlena Mańko – an instructor in the profession of a women’s hairdresser with over 20 years of professional experience.

You will find professional hairdressing training on the KEDU platform. We offer fully proprietary specialist courses such as the “Dozen algorithm” and “Global bleaching algorithm”, which is a completely breakthrough approach to hair coloring. Thanks to us, you will feel confident in your daily work. Here you will learn proven techniques presented in a simple and legible way. The knowledge gained in this way will significantly affect the satisfaction of your clients. As a result, you will feel the increase in satisfaction and financial profits from work.

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